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Star Citizen getting electron damage type and two new weapons

Published: 15:41, 29 May 2020
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen's new electron-type pistol
Star Citizen, new pistol

Even though Cloud Imperium Games have their hands full with the Invictus Launch Week, the dev still found the time to showcase the new damage type and two guns that'll be spewing it.

"Electron damage is a new energy damage type that we've got going in-game and it's comprised of several other damage types really. It's a little bit of energy, a little bit of distortion and a little bit of a new damage type we've got in there that's called stun", said Jonny Jacevicius, the senior FPS systems designer. 

Star Citizen's current damage types are quite straightforward and there's nothing wrong with that, but marrying more damage types allows for some creativity in implementation as well as gameplay.

Jacevicius also mentioned that Star Citizen's new boomstick feels like raining lightning from the skies and it's really hard to argue that after seeing it in action.

The sniper rifle acts much like a bolt-action sniper rifle, and it sure kicks like a mule by the looks of it. As for the pistol, it's smaller and as you'd expect, doesn't pack as big of a punch as a sniper rifle. But hey - shoot 'em twice, and you're on the green. 

There's also the chain lightning effect it inflicts, which means you don't really want to stand near your targets.

Star Citizen will also be getting improvements in the trading department, as CIG are also preparing a player trading app that will be deployed over the next few patches and promises to make trading between players much easier. 

Star Citizen's new sniper rifle Star Citizen, new sniper rifle

Star Citizen's playerbase continues to put their money where their mouth is and the game has passed $291 million in crowdfunding. Which shouldn't be surprising, mind you, especially considering that the game's $3K-worth Javelin ships recently sold out in mere seconds after going on sale. 

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