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Star Citizen gets Welcome Hub, Guide System and another Free Fly event

Published: 23:10, 22 November 2019
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen's new ship RSI Mantis
Star Citizen, RSI Mantis

Less than a month since the last Free Fly event in Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games are at it again but there's a few added novelties this time around. We're talking about the Guide System, Welcome Hub and a full Free Fly event.

When we say full, we mean that prospective Star Citizens get to try any ship they'd like, and the last time we checked there were upwards of a hundred flavours. The event was limiting players to specific variants, but CIG made a demo schedule for each of the in-game manufacturers this time.

Anyway, the event kicks off one day after CitizenCon, so 24 November, but you'll have ample time to test drive Star Citizen as it lasts until 5 December 2019.

On the first day, Star Citizen players get to try Anvil Aerospace, the combat specialists, with the list including the Arrow, "a speedy glass cannon" and bounty-hunter's dream - the Hawk. 

On 25 November, it'll be time for Roberts Space Industries, whose niche is civilian spaceflight, although the likes of recently added Mantis open it up to more possibilities thanks to the entangling quantum enforcement device.

Come 26 November, it's triple the trouble with Tumbril ground vehicles, Consolidated Outlands avantgarde offer and Kruger's precision. Argo and Misc are due on 27 November, with another triple offer next - Esperia and some alien specialities. 

Aegis powerhouses, Drake Interplanetary pirate-y flyers and Origin's luxurious offer, which includes the , are coming on 29, 30 November and 1 December, after which it's time to try the ships voted into the final four. 

In an attempt to make Star Citizen a bit friendlier to newer players, and it can indeed get a bit overwhelming, CIG announced a Guide System, which lets veterans coach you, and a Welcome Hub, which will let you pick the method of how you want to familiarize yourself with the in-game universe. 

You can find the , or learn about the Guide Systema and Welcome hub .

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