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Star Citizen Aegis trailer arrives in time for crowdfunding milestone

Published: 17:03, 30 November 2019
An assault ship in the space simulator Star Citizen
Star Citizen: Aegis Hammerhead

Cloud Imperium Games didn't take much to switch from full-on CitizenCon mode to their latest Free Fly event, where prospective Star Citizens get to try out different manufacturers on different days. The latest trailer is all about Aegis.

Before we move onto all things space, Star Citizen reached another crowdfunding milestone, hitting $247 million thanks to some anniversary sales. The number is quite staggering but it does show clear devotion of the game's fans.

Following up on the exotic alien offerings, Star Citizen's sixth day of the Free Fly event hosts the manufacturer that hosts quite a few leading crafts. Whitley's Guide and Jax McCleary are taking a closer look at Aegis Dynamics and the "long history of providing the populace with serious firepower."

Among them is the Vanguard series, which the IAE 2949 trailer calls the industry standard in long-range fighters. From turreted squad dropships like the Hoplite, and equally equipped fighter the Warden, to the coy and slippery Sentinel - the Vanguard series packs a nasty punch. 

Naturally, this still only scratches the surface of Aegis' offer, but it's enough of a taste of what you're getting your mitts on during Star Citizen's Free Fly event. 

Star Citizen is basically free to play until 5 December 2019 thanks to this event, so if you're on the fence whether to become a Citizen, you can do so on CIG's website. You'll have to create an account, after which you can drop in and use the ASOP terminals to pick your poison.

Obviously, there's no shortage of inspiration in Cloud Imperium Games, as their were quite the spectacle. 

In the meantime, we've had a hands-on on Star Citizen: Theatres of War, which you can check out .

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