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Star Citizen 3.8 update rolls out microTech, New Babbage and more

Published: 11:37, 23 December 2019
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen 3.8, microTech icy planet
Star Citizen 3.8, microTech

On this year's CitizenCon, Cloud Imperium Games gave us a mouthwatering taste of what was to come and, drumroll - it has now come. There's quite a bit to talk about, from microTech and New Babbage to technical improvements like SOCS.

Now if you didn't check the CitizenCon presentation, and you've no time to jump into Star Citizen right away, do yourself a favour and go check out . It's clear that CIG are dead set on challenging themselves further, and in that respect - microTech is just one micro-Step. 

Nevertheless, Star Citizen players should find microTech interesting for a multitude of reasons, the size and looks certainly being one of them. A number of technical improvements allowed seamless and realistic-looking transition from the outer atmosphere onto the planet. 

Here's the list of new locations that are live with Star Citizen 3.8:

  • Added MicroTech Planet including the exterior of New Babbage Landing Zone.    
  • Note, the interior of New Babbage is not completed and is unavailable for now.    
  • Added orbital stations above major planetary landing zones.    
  • Added new Rest Stop interior variants.    
  • Added visor and canopy moisture effects to some ships when in appropriate environments.    
  • Players now have the ability to select their initial spawn location when it is their first time logging into the game.  
  • Grim HEX armistice has been updated to allow non-lethal melee combat.    
  • Added wind texture rotation on all planets and moons.   
  • Added dust/sand storm effects to appropriate planetary bodies.   
  • Wind will now effect the flight model while ships are in flight.

Also added were the impounding and fine functionalities to Star Citizen's legal system.

In terms of more, ahem, intimate changes, Star Citizen players are getting added melee combat, complementing lethal and non-lethal takedowns with fist and knife moves. There's a total of two new FPS weapons, Animus Missile Launcher and BEHR P6-LR ballistic sniper rifle.

No update is complete without a flier, and this time it's Argo Mole mining ship, which CIG describe as medium-sized, multi-crew focused mining ship. 

An alien fighter ship in the space simulator Star Citizen Star Citizen: Banu Defender

There are some new missions and a ton of bug fixes, which you can find in the .

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