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Star Citizen dev shares more information on Crusader Ares Star Fighter

Published: 06:02, 24 December 2019
Star Citizen's Ares spacecraft
Star Citizen's god of war incarnate!

Cloud Imperium Games have really been on a roll as of late, and with the chunk of CitizenCon 2019 stuff going live the 3.8 update, they're already looking at the next piece of Citizen Heaven - Crusader Ares Star Fighter.

Some recent teases and the brochure gave us a general idea of Star Citizen's new assassin, but CIG now took a list of community-voted questions to the dev team. The dudes obliged. 

For starters, having the S7 weapon on board means that the ship isn't as nimble as you'd think. Its handling will be closer to that of Vanguards and/or Freelancers, rather than on Sabres or Hornets. 

"The ARES is a single-seat fighter with no interior. The stated long-range “capability” comes from the large size of the weapon with its inherent longer range of engagement, in addition to its complement of missiles", they said. 

Star Citizen players asked what is stopping them from getting the same DPS by using more smaller weapons, but CIG kindly explained that size matters. 

"The current damage system is based purely on numerical hit points, but with the introduction of physicalized damage, larger weapons will have increased penetration. With this future addition, ship armor will essentially “shrug off” smaller rounds as they won’t have enough kinetic energy to penetrate the armor. Whilst the Vanguard may have equal DPS on paper, the S2 nose guns may not be able to penetrate larger/capital ship hulls", they said. 

CIG stressed that fitting the Ares into Star Citizen requires more testing and tweaking, so throwing out numbers now is pretty pointless. They did say, however, that their current version deals 2,400 DPS up to 8km.  

Cloud Imperium Games Star Citizen aircrafts on a strip Star Citizen

Star Citizen's new deity incarnate has completed the concept phase and is pending development. You can find the full post here.

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