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Star Citizen runs out of funds, gets a new expensive ship

Published: 07:23, 27 August 2019
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen's luxury ship Origin Jumpworks 890 Jump
Star Citizen, Origin Jumpworks 890 Jump

Cloud Imperium Games have been at the receiving end of criticism regarding Star Citizen's massive funding that was seemingly squandered over the years. The new expensive ship announced during an extravagant dinner is not helping the look.

Cloud Imperium Games recently hosted an expensive dinner that reportedly cost around $275 and was available only to those who spent over $1000 on funding Star Citizen so far. As you can see yourself, the web is not even visible if you are not one of those charitable SC players.

Anyway, each and every Aegis VIP Event ticket, standing at $275, was sold out in roughly 45 seconds after being made available according to ResetEra user Noodle who screenshots of what the aforementioned page with restricted access contained.

Paying the fee would grant fans access to dinner in , Q&A session with Chris Roberts and a front-row seat for an important announcement. If you followed Star Citizen's woeful development so far, you probably guessed what it is - an extremely expensive ship.

It's called Aegis Nautilus, a minelaying vessel that will cost $675. This is particularly important because minelaying mechanics are not in the game yet. Star Citizen also doesn't have mechanics for ships with a crew of more than one person yet.

Other concerns were raised as well since there are virtually infinite approach possibilities to any given point in the game so just how many mines will it take to successfully defend something that way?

Some concerns were focused on the seemingly insatiable development. The game had raised over $233 million at the time of writing and there were previous bank loans that undoubtedly increased the scope of funding. Six years have passed since the original announcement and there is still no game to show for it.

Cloud Imperium Games Futuristic military aircraft from Star Citizen Star Citizen Alpha 3.6

Squadron 42 Alpha is supposedly coming in 2020 but that's only the singleplayer portion of what CIG promised and some people are now calling Star Citizen a and of video games.

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