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Star Citizen funding hits $300 million as people buy $4,600 ship packs

Published: 09:26, 13 June 2020
Star Citizen - Drake Corsair
Star Citizen - Drake Corsair

Cloud Imperium Games have another Star Citizen funding milestone on their hands, with an unbelievable $300 million sourced from the community, after a particularly successful week at the end of May 2020.

Star Citizen's $300 million crowdfunding milestone is upon us. While countless people are scratching their heads while wondering why fans keep pledging money for a game so long in development, some of the reasons are apparent at first glance.

Cloud Imperium Games are definitely putting hefty prices on the ships they sell in Star Citizen and these sales also count towards the funding stat tracker

When new, beautifully designed cosmetics and items make into a game, its fans will pour money like there is no tomorrow in order to get them. It is no different in Star Citizen. Many of the title's supporters simply cannot resist "pledging" their support by buying "just one more ship" for their own collection. 

In the case of Drake Complete Pack 2950, the bundle consisted of 14 ships and cost $4,600. One would think so much money would make the sales push less successful. One would be wrong in that assumption.

CIG Star Citizen - Drake pack Star Citizen - Drake pack

Between May 26 and June 1, 2020, Star Citizen backers pledged around $8 million. That is less than one week, meaning it was significantly more than $1 million per day.

Cloud Imperium Games Star Citizen stats - May 26, 2020 Star Citizen stats - May 26, 2020

There were 23,677 new accounts made between our two points of reference and if they purchased only the basic pack, which costs $45, the total funding increase would amount to $1,065,465. 

Cloud Imperium Games Star Citizen stats - June 1, 2020 Star Citizen stats - June 1, 2020

That hypothetical situation would leave around $7 million in pledges from the rest of the community, hinting that the Drake Pack, which was being sold during that period, amassed quite the lump of money for CIG. 

No public data that explicitly states all that money went into $4,600 ship packs is available but the spike in funding during that exact week leaves little room for doubt.

CIG Star Citizen crowdfunding week 22 Note the spike in Week 22. It ran from May 25 to 31

Overall, it shows that the Star Citizen community still has confidence in Chris Roberts' vision and that the game will release properly.

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