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CIG blew most of Star Citizen crowdfunding, no product in sight

Published: 16:54, 06 May 2019
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen's search and rescue ship, the Argo SRV in action
Star Citizen, Argo SRV in action

Cloud Imperium Games have been gaining infamy over the years due to the massive budget gained from crowdfunding of Star Citizen while not delivering anything resembling a final product so far. Now it seems over $200 million is already gone.

Star Citizen has been in development for about eight years at this point which is a journey that was both long and fruitful for Chris Roberts and his companies as he raised $288 over this period of time.

One would expect such a long development cycle and the massive funding would be enough for a game to finally pop up but we are halfway into 2019 and there is nothing even resembling the final product Roberts promised the fans.

As a reminder, the promise included 100 star systems players could explore but what Star Citizen fans have today is barely one solar system and not much to do in the alpha stage of the game.

To make matters worse, by December 2017 Cloud Imperium Games wasted almost the entirety of the aforementioned budget. Forbes that the company had only $14 million left at the end of the year, meaning around $274 million was already spent in development and there is still barely anything to play.

Naturally, this would look like a scam of epic proportions where the company took the fans' money, which totalled at at the time of writing, and then gave nothing but empty promises in return.

According to Forbes though, there are no signs that actual foul play is at work at the moment but incompetence abounds. CIG developers revealed that Roberts likes to micromanage too much and is handling the funds poorly but the development is still actually going on.

Cloud Imperium Games Picture of a fancy alien ship in a hangar from Star Citizen Star Citizen

Considering that Squadron 42 is likely the closest thing to finished product fans will get and that it's slated for beta testing in 2020, there is no telling how much more money the company will need to actually finish Star Citizen and its supposed 100 systems. More importantly, how much time will they need?

There are backers who will literally the game by the time it comes around.

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