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Star Citizen dev shows new inventory concept, restricted areas, ocean shader

Published: 18:58, 05 June 2020
An anti-air ground vehicle in the RSI game Star Citizen
Star Citizen: Anvil Ballista air defense system

Cloud Imperium Games continue to hack away at Star Citizen and the latest Inside Star Citizen talks about simple but clever landing solution, a mouthwatering concept for a unified inventory and more.

"This episode is rated R for Restricted Areas, 'cause that's what we're looking at. See how devs are making them more functional and less frustrating for pilots", CIG wrote.

Star Citizen's senior gameplay programmer David Colson said that restricted areas are necessary but that the current implementation was deemed too bulky, in addition to concealing some awesome environment work by CIG's team. 

The new solution for Star Citizen's restricted areas is our favourite sort - simple but highly effective. Doing away with the complicated meshes, a simple augmented-reality-like tunnel will help players land interactively and more efficiently. 

Perhaps even more exciting is the concept of Star Citizen's (hopefully) new generalised layout and drag and drop system that will be used to improve the game's inventory. 

By designating the resizable areas as drop points, players will be able to easily move and rearrange what will eventually be gear and items from pockets, to storage, vehicles and elsewhere, all without leaving the screen. Of course, we're talking about early prototyping days but the potential is pretty clear even in the early days. 

Star Citizen's VFX team is working on a simple voxel fire system, whose original purpose was to determine where the flames propagate. CIG took a liking to it though, as it looks decent enough while being more useful than initially thought. 

Cloud Imperium Games Star Citizen's seaside scene Star Citizen, you can almost hear the wind!

CIG finished the presentation on yet another gorgeous note, and the sunset at the end is truly a joy to behold. Of course, the real star of the show is the new ocean shader that uses Star Citizen's existing assets but should be as responsive as it is pretty. 

Star Citizen Alpha 3.6 update by Cloud Imperium Games

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Star Citizen Alpha 3.6

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