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Star Citizen dev posts an in-depth overview of 890 Jump

Published: 17:28, 24 August 2019
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citien, 890 Jump

In the latest episode of Star Citizen Live, Cloud Imperium Games' Jared Huckaby and a few other devs took a detailed look at one of the game's most luxurious ships - the 890 Jump - as well as answered some development-related questions.

We've covered the of 890 Jump, but this time around, CIG went over every inch of the ship, offering some insight into the design process as well. Note that the ship is in still in the final polishing phase, with devs insisting it's at 98 per cent of completion.

As Huckaby pointed out, the format of Star Citizen Live's last episode harkens back to their olden ways, when they'd load in a ship and look through every nook and cranny, so 890 Jump got this exact treatment.

Interestingly, the devs said that none of the concept images of 890 Jump actually showed the whole ship, which meant they still had to go and design some sections from scratch. This seems to have been the case with the rear engines.

Overall though, there's no doubt as to 890 Jump's luxury status - you can check out the ship's lavish interior from 10:25, starting with a foyer of sorts, that also provides a sweet view of outer space.

The devs reminded that 890 Jump's most likely use is VIP transport, and their description of it reads, "Unrivaled in style and sophistication, many CEOs, politicians, and spectrum stars now consider the 890 Jump their home away from home".

Stellar jumps in Star Citizen are no reason to deny yourself the fruits of high life in the world of Star Citizen - what you see below is one of the saunas. Yes, as in multiple saunas for the luxury fortress that is 890 Jump.

Cloud Imperium Games Star Citizen, 890 Jump sauna Star Citizen, 890 Jump sauna

If you're more interested in the steering part of 890 Jump, you can fast forward to 25:30, and all the ship's controls come with dedicated joystick support, as well as a nicely elevated vantage point for optimum control. 

You can also check out Star Citizen's recent tease of .

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