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Star Citizen celebrates a birthday with festivities and a new update

Published: 23:14, 09 October 2020
Star Citizen birthday celebration
Star Citizen birthday celebration

Cloud Imperium Games announced a pile of news regarding Star Citizen and Squadron 42, all in the celebration of the original game's eighth birthday.

CIG's announcement involved a new update for Star Citizen, Halloween event and a new Squadron 42 teaser. The update brings along the Origin 100 series starter ships which are said to be some of the most fuel-efficient vessels in class. 

Furthermore, the onboard living accommodations are not shabby either and they will feature the "more physicalized dashboard" where every button and switch in the cockpit can be interacted with. In other words, these ships should feel homier than what the pilots may be used to by now. The classes will range from touring vessels over delivery ships to battle-worthy peacemakers.

Armistice Zone will be removed across several existing locations which will undoubtedly lead to more combat near space stations. However, turrets and security forces should maintain law and order in these hubs. You can check out more details on how these systems will work on the Alpha 3.11 High Impact update post .

Besides the update, the players can look forward to contests, giveaways and an exclusive pack of digital items, some of which are pictured above. You can check out the details on the associated Star Citizen birthday announcement .

Squadron 42 also received another teaser that showcases a fly-through of the Aciedo Space Station. It is set in the Odin system and represents one of the major locations the players will visit during the campaign. Chris Roberts, Brian Chambers and Nick Elms will talk more about the game's development on October 10, 2020, on the official SC YouTube channel .

Finally, those looking to enjoy the Halloween festivities can do so with the special Day of the Vara event. It has already kicked off on October 8, 2020, and will conclude with October 31. There will be Halloween-themed helmets to be earned in the game along with the Day of the Vara Cutlass paintjob and other goodies.

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