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Star Citizen Alpha 3.7 is live, adds caves, new ships and features

Published: 18:36, 11 October 2019
Updated: 18:49, 11 October 2019
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen's new ship RSI Mantis
Star Citizen, RSI Mantis

Yesterday, Star Citizen marked seven years since its announcement and what better way to celebrate than with the game's Alpha 3.7 update, which brings new cave locations for lucrative mining, shared missions, Banu Defender and much more.

Caves have been added to Daymar, Hurston and Aberdeen rocky moons and planet, respectively, and each cave has a ton of and FPS mineable resources. When we say a ton - we mean figuratively, i.e. expect far more than a measly ton.

Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) reminded that FPS mining is the most lucrative business in Star Citizen, which means that caves are likely to be pretty popular. Naturally, with popularity comes notoriety so be sure to bring protection. A ton of it, preferably.  Yes, figuratively again.

Ship rental kiosks are another feature coming with Star Citizen 3.7 Alpha and they're pretty self-explanatory. They should not only make gameplay a lot more versatile, but they also make finding your favourite ship flavour a breeze. Moreover, they'll make the newly-added Proximity Assist in Hover Mode a joy to test, in case you haven't nailed down your landing yet.

"Ship rental kiosks can be found at Spaceport in Lorville (Vantage Rentals) and Riker Memorial Spaceport in Area18 (Traveller Rentals). When renting, players can specify the duration (1, 3, or 30 days ) with longer time being a better overall value. Rented ships are insured and customizable. The time remaining on the rental is shown on the mobiGlas and the ASOP terminal", CIG wrote.

Star Citizen now has mission sharing, and if you choose to do so, your party members can help you complete the mission and divide the total payout, whatever it is. There's also the new missing person investigation mission that will help you get more familiar with the caves.

Cloud Imperium Games A cave setting in Star Citizen Star Citizen, caves


  • Added: Aegis Vanguard Harbinger
  • Added: Aegis
  • Added: RSI Mantis and player interdiction gameplay 

Mantis' pilots will be able to activate a dampening field called QED (Quantum Enforcement Device), "which will prevent ships from quantum if they are within You can also begin charging the quantum snare via interaction 'Q Snare Charge'. Once charged, activate the snare with 'Q Snare Initiate.'" This ensnares ships in a 20km bubble, after which they're at your mercy.

We've caught a few glimpses of the Banu Defender before, but it's time to experience it first hand, as the ship landed with Star Citizen 3.7 Alpha.

"The Banu Defender has a special shield that is best operated by two people via advanced hardening mechanics. The best way to utilize this feature is with a co-pilot adjusting hardening on their MFD while the pilot focuses on flying and engaging enemies", CIG said. 

Cloud Imperium Games Star Citizen's ship called Banu Defender Star Citizen, the Banu Defender

Star Citizen 3.7 Alpha also adds Hedeby Salva Frag Pistol, new ship weapon in Kroneg FL-Series Laser Cannons, as well as means to mine smaller rocks for valuable commodities on foot, thanks to the multi-tool with a mining attachment, both of which can be found at Area18, Lorville and Levski. 

Star Citizen's hand-held mining multi-tool Star Citizen, multi-tool for mining on foot

There's also a new Star Marine map, and a ton of bugfixes, which you can find on the . Yes, figuratively. 

Star Citizen 3.7 Alpha lands with new locations, ships and goodies

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