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Stalker 2 reveals Bayun, a new cat-like mutant

Published: 17:56, 09 August 2022
Updated: 18:27, 09 August 2022
GSC Game World
Stalker 2 - Bayun
Stalker 2 - Bayun

GSC Game World revealed a terrifying new mutant that is coming with Stalker 2 and they waited for the perfect moment to announce it - during the International Cat Day.

Stalker games are filled to the brim with scary creatures and a creepy atmosphere but just in case that is not enough, people came up with mods that can result in heart attack simulators

However, GSC Game World decided not to be outdone as they are looking ahead to Stalker 2 , which will undoubtedly see the return of numerous mutant classics. That is not enough for the devs, however, as they also preparing new ways to creep the players out.

Bayun appears to be a cat mutant that GSC revealed during the International Cat Day, along with a few of its features. Besides looking like the nightmare fuel it's supposed to be, Bayun will unnerve the players with its behaviour and abilities.

First of all, it is described as a stealthy and nimble mutant which will immediately trigger anyone with Chimera-induced PTSD. That is not enough, however, as this four-legged horror needs its own identity and a unique mechanic to rattle the players.

It is apparently able to imitate all sorts of sounds, which include human voices. Therefore, the next time you're in the Zone and wondering whether you are hearing articulation in the vicinity or you are losing your mind, remember it's neither of those - you are being stalked by a feline horror show. As if that makes it any better.

GSC Game World Stalker 2 - Bayun behaviour and ability description Stalker 2 - Bayun behaviour and ability description

Anyway, you will have quite a bit of time to mentally prepare for the Bayun as Stalker 2 has been delayed previously and now has no official release date due to a different kind of horror show currently invading the developers' homeland, Ukraine.

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