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Square Enix's New Year resolution is to lean into NFTs

Published: 05:19, 04 January 2022
Square Enix
Square Enix

Square Enix president, Yosuke Matsuda, sent out a letter filled to the brim with small, big and buzz words that essentially boiled down to announcing the company is getting into NFTs.

NFTs aren't a popular topic among the core gamers and whenever a new company announces they are venturing into the field, they usually get a lot of backlash. The same story repeated with Square Enix, whose president recently sent out a letter that outlines the company's plans for 2022 and possibly beyond.

The letter included more things than just NFTs but as one would read more of it, the more it became clear the rest are not the main subject. Anyway, Square Enix's head basically confirmed the company is diving into the concept and they have already invested in doing so.

Some odd wording was chosen to describe the majority of gamers, who came to be known as some people who "play to have fun". It appears Matsuda is under the impression that other people would love to turn games into work and chase concepts like playing to earn. Time will eventually tell if the NFT craze will attract some players but the general sentiment among the gaming populace in the present is clear - NFTs don't offer anything that a regular marketplace wouldn't.

Square Enix Marvel's Avengers - The Klaw Fight As if games like Marvel's Avengers need another reason for players to bash them

Anyway, the other concepts that were mentioned in the letter as things that have grasped the curiosity of Square Enix are extended reality and expanding AI research into creating entertainment systems, rather than just gaming ones.

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