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Square Enix respond to acquisition rumors

Published: 09:57, 16 April 2021
Square Enix
Square Enix

Japanese developer and publisher Square Enix have officially shut down the latest rumours of an acquisition after reports from CTFN and Bloomberg Japan suggested “several potential buyers have shown interest in Square Enix”.

Yesterday, Bloomberg Japan reported that several parties are interested in acquiring Japanese giant Square Enix, the developer and publisher of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and many other popular franchises. However, Square Enix have quickly dismissed the report, saying that the company is not looking to sell and have not received any offers.

Here is the statement from Square Enix in full:

"Bloomberg has reported today that there is interest from several buyers to acquire Square Enix. However, this report is not based on any announcements by Square Enix Holdings. We do not consider selling off the company or any part of its businesses, nor have we received any offer from any third party to acquire the company or any parts of its businesses," it's written in the statement from Square Enix. 

While this certainly sounds like Square Enix have no interest in selling, it's also possible that the statement can be seen as a "we do not comment on rumour or speculation" answer. 

Keep in mind that even if Square Enix have been talking to potential buyers, they would not confirm this until the deal has been agreed so it's safe to say that the statement above is somewhat expected.

We suggest you stick to the official announcements and take everything with a grain of salt until confirmed.

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