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THQ Nordic snapped up Alone in the Dark and Act of War

Published: 15:02, 20 September 2018
THQ Nordic
THQ Nordic's newly acquired IP Alone in the Dark from 2008
Alone in the Dark (2008)

THQ Nordic are definitely on a roll this year and the latest of the company's numerous acquisitions in 2018 are two IPs - survival horror franchise Alone in the Dark and real-time strategy Act of War, both previously owned by Atari.

Alone in the Dark dates back as far as 1992, when this Lovecraftian game made quite a few waves. In fact, Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition considers it to be the first ever 3D survival horror game, as it was one of two games that introduced polygonal characters over pre-rendered backgrounds.

Historical importance aside, despite quite a rich roster of developers, Alone in the Dark seemed to get progressively worse with every instalment, with occasional glimmers of hope for what is regarded by most as a dead franchise. After the first three instalments, Atari launched sequels every 7 years, although it wasn't a lucky seven by any account.

Atari's sequel from 2008 named simply Alone in the Dark ultimately raised quite a few eyebrows, although not for quality of the game but for the company's attacks on reviewers who gave the game low scores. They even claimed that reviewers used pirated copies and all sorts of ridiculous saltiness that Atari have become famous for lately. Anyone remember their attack on the journalist who called Atari VCS a ?

They also tried their luck with Alone in the Dark: Illumination, an online-only instalment that flopped so hard that it went down in history, albeit not the sort that the first Alone in the Dark made. Namely, of all the titles with seven or more Metacritic reviews by professionals, Illumination remains the lowest scoring game of 2015.

All things considered, THQ probably snapped Alone in the Dark for cheap although it remains to be seen whether they're capable of jump-starting it. Heck, compared to Atari, they can't possibly do worse, can they?

THQ Nordic THQ Nordic's announcement of purchasing Alone in the Dark THQ Nordic's announcement

As for Act of War, this real-time strategy franchise holds two games with some pretty glaring reviews on Steam, although it hasn't reared its head after 2006, when Act of War: High Treason launched. Hopefully, THQ Nordic addresses that.

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