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South Korea sentences Ovewatch hacker to one year in prison

Published: 08:49, 26 June 2018
Zenyata from Overwatch photoshopped behind prison bars

I know what you're thinking - how about you wallhack out of this, Jack? Unfortunately for the poor sod who chose to challenge mighty Blizzard in South Korea, wallhacks and aimbots won't be helping him in the country's prison system.

The case is actually part of joint action by Blizzard and Seoul Metropolitan Police, which had resulted in apprehension of a group of 13 hackers and match fixers in South Korea. Out of the aforementioned group, two have already been sentenced 2018.

The current defendant will serve two years probation once he's done with his sentence. You may recall the first two cases resulting in two year probation for one and a $10,000 fine for the other, which is still pretty decent considering the country's strict legislatives.

Korean Game Industry Promotion Law and Communication Technology Protection Law have been set up exactly for this reason, with the country's bustling video game scene now ingrained in its legislatives as well. Obviously, the devotion South Korean gaming scene shows on a regular basis is probably unmatched in the world, with their players pretty much ruling Blizzard's multiplayer games of all genres.

Ultimately, wink wink, the hacker still did well all things considered, because he raked in as much as $180,000 in Overwatch hacking applications. Even if he received the highest possible sentence, which includes two years in prison and an $18,000 fine, he's still $160,000 richer than when he came in. Assuming of course that the money isn't already in some bank account inaccessible to the South Korean government.

South Korean authorities have amended the already strict laws back in June 2017, tightening up regulations on gaming somewhat seriously. In fact, you may or may not know that Blizzard requires South Korean players to access the game with their social security number, so as to prevent rampant cheating in the country.

Blizzard Reaper is dashing through the air attacking someone or something that's not on the screen Overwatch - Reaper

This puts a whole new perspective on some Overwatch's forum criers, who think Blizzard are ignoring the community and focusing all their efforts on tailoring their game to the requirements of its esports scene. To be fair, they do have a point sometimes, with many heroes desperately in need of an overhaul outright ignored at the expense of rebalancing already rebalanced heroes over and over. Hey, at least I don't need a social security number to play.

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