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Sea of Thieves devs talk biomes, map expansion, griefing

Published: 13:18, 14 February 2018
Sea of thieves

Rare's design director Mike Chapman went on record talking about biomes, the dynamic world of Sea of Thieves, griefing and more. We must admit that the way of thinking the company seems to have adopted is pretty refreshing, as it leans towards the qualitative side of the fence.

Asked about different biomes in the game, Chapman revealed that there are already several biomes in there, each pretty distinctive. However, he hinted that players shouldn't be getting too used to how things look because the map will change to reflect both further tweaks and in-game events.

Chapman stressed however that the company is not thinking in terms of "bolting on new pieces". He conceded that the map is most likely to be expanded, which is perfectly normal, but said that the company is simply looking at things from a different standpoint.

Apparently, Rare prefers a metric that better correlates to actual player experiences. The company uses "ship numbers per world", ensuring they focus on achieving 15 to 30 minute ship encounter time, rather than simply patchworking random pieces on the map.

Rare A broken wooden dinghy on a sandy beach in Sea of Thieves Sea of Thieves

When asked about player interactions on the "other" side of the emotional spectrum, such as griefing, Chapman said something along the lines of the proverbial emotional door swinging both ways. Namely, if there's no inherent danger of loosing your loot, where's the excitement going to come from, right?

What Rare made sure to address though is that the "lows" are not as "crippling" as in some other games, perhaps most notably them survival genre titles. Although the company plans to tweak spawn points to prevent repeated griefing, there will be no safe zones. That way, Chapman thinks, Sea of Thieves, with its inherent highs and lows, can become a wonderful gaming experience to be shared with your buddies.

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