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Sony will reveal five games leading up to E3 2018, no PS5 clues

Published: 10:52, 05 June 2018
Naughty Dog
Screenshot from The Last of Us Part 2 reveal showing the benefits of treehuggers
The Last of Us: Part 2

Bethesda opened the hype season with Fallout 76 teaser, Ubisoft continued with Assassin's Creed Odyssey leak and teaser and Sony seems to be keen on keeping away any possible calm before the E3 storm by announcing five games over five days.

Sony are looking to promote their E3 announcements by unveiling several titles before the main event starts, or as they put it - to "prepare several tasty appetizers" before the "main course" during E3 2018. In short, these announcements will be the intro marketing to prepare everyone for the E3 marketing. That said, let's see what kind of announcements they announced.

First up we have an announcement scheduled for 06 June 2018, which is "A new PS4 game with PS VR support". It will be followed the next day by a release date for a title that's in the works by "Worldwide Studios", which is basically a cluster of developer studios acquired by Sony over the years.

Friday, 08 June 2018 will be reserved for another PS4 game announcement, which will be followed by a new PS VR announcement on Saturday. It seems this announcement is constructed towards building the hype for a PS VR game that's eagerly anticipated according to Sony. So basically they are building hype for an announcement that's supposed to for Sony's E3 conference. Each reveal will happen at 08:00 PDT or 17:00 CET in their respective days.

This might be due to Sony being worried losing the hype for The Last of Us Part 2 and Hideo Kojima's Pregnant Dude Simulator, otherwise known as Death Stranding. These two games will definitely be the centrepieces of Sony's E3 conference so it's hard to believe the hype would fall off but Sony are known for massive marketing campaigns so the announcement week may just be a pre-emptive strike.

Kojima Productions Death Stranding logo across an image of a crater Death Stranding

Besides, Kojima's take on has gathered both hype and confusion over the course of its development so far that it may well be a guaranteed audience gatherer at E3 2018. On the other hand, he may be walking on thin ice if fans don't see any Death Stranding gameplay footage during the conference.

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