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King of Fighters XV announcement and trailer have been delayed

Published: 20:12, 06 January 2021
King of Fighters XV
King of Fighters XV

SNK Corporation announced that the planned announcement event for King of Fighters XV and Samurai Shodown Season Pass 3 has been delayed, leaving many fans in suspense.

King of Fighters XV and Samurai Shodown Season Pass 3 announcements were supposed to happen on January 6, 2021, at 6:00 PM PT but SNK decided to postpone the event for reasons that are currently unknown.

In a quick notification via Twitter, the company also took the opportunity to apologise to the fans who anticipated the news and promised to inform them about the new date and time as soon as possible.

While the Season Pass news would be something Samurai Shodown fans were looking for in order to refresh the roster, it probably can't compare with the weight the supposed KOF XV announcement was carrying.

The fans were initially informed in 2019 that the game is in the works through the posting of a single logo which was followed by almost a year of silence. During summer 2020, SNK posted another teaser which claimed more on the game would be revealed soon and December 2020 finally yielded something. It turned out to be concept art and an announcement of the trailer that was supposed to come in January 2021 but that has now been cancelled, on the very day it was supposed to air.

Considering the fans have been waiting for so long with just slivers of information and the occasional beep from the company, it remains to be seen how long their excitement for the game will last, at least until they see something more substantial than a concept art image.

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