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Terraria dev says no money can make them sell their soul to Epic

Published: 15:21, 16 May 2019
Side view in Re-Logic's cancelled game Terrraria Otherworld
Terraria: Otherworld

Re-Logic, developer of action-adventure Terraria, found themselves in a mini-controversy of sorts, after they likened the Epic Games Store to the devil by saying there's no money in the world that would have them sell their soul to Epic.

The company's vice president Whitney Spinks took to Twitter to address confusion over some issue, writing, "Since there seems to be confusion - No Re-Logic title will ever be an Epic Store exclusive. There is no amount of money we could be offered to sell our souls".

While we can understand preference of platforms, or lack thereof, likening Epic to the devil is a bit too much, and some users, as well as prominent industry feather rustlers, seem to think so too, as they took offense at Spinks' comment. 

Most of them pointed out that not every studio is in a position where they can take the 30 per cent on the chin, and that Re-Logic shouldn't be that quick to judge their industry peers.

Spinks clarified, however, that her statement referred specifically to Re-Logic and not anyone else.

"For us it would be and I was speaking for us. I can understand indies taking advantage of free money", she wrote, insisting that Re-Logic is not against many platforms, just platform exclusivity.

Of course, not everyone thought Re-Logic's statement went too far, and quite a few users applauded it. This isn't surprising seeing as how Epic didn't win themselves any friends by the deals.

Surprisingly though, Epic seem to be constantly being the main focus of public angst, while the companies who willingly wait until the last possible moment don't seem to be held to the same standards.

We cannot argue that having a game you're waiting on be pulled from Steam in the last moment can feel pretty disgusting, but it's not like Epic advised these companies to hold out for as many Steam preorders as possible before they move.

Epic Games The Epic Games Store logo Epic Games Store

One thing is for certain though, Terraria's dev has just managed to set public expectations via a tweet, and we sure hope that these words don't end up to bite them.

You can find the tweet in question .

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