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Six minutes of Skull and Bones gameplay leaks

Published: 09:45, 29 April 2022
screenshot from skull and bones showing ships in battle
Skull and Bones

Ubisoft's anticipated pirate game with a troubled development cycle has received a gameplay trailer in an unofficial capacity as a presentation leak.

Skull and Bones was announced half a decade ago but it didn't see the light of day yet as those interested in the title kept wondering whether it would ever release. Ubisoft reassured the gamers from time to time but the best assurance may have arrived in an unofficial capacity as a full gameplay trailer has recently leaked and revealed some of its features.

Namely, the footage from the gameplay trailer seems to have been captured in a technical test build, which is not weird since the game is still in development.

In the unlikely event that the leaked trailer gets removed entirely, here is a quick rundown of the mentioned features.

The setting is inspired by the Indian ocean from the golden age of piracy. Initially the player will start off with barely any resources at their disposal and will have to work their way up in the pirate society. 

This will be measured by the reputation system called Infamy, which increases by completing contracts, exploring and finding treasure. It decreases when your ship is sank and failing contracts.

When the ship sinks, you are respawned in a nearby settlement with most of your inventory safe but you will have to venture back to the wreckage to reclaim the rest, unless another player steals it first.

Ubisoft skull and bones screenshot showing ships sailing around the islands Skull and Bones

Initially, you only get access to a small ship but as your Infamy grows, you will get more options.

One detail that appears to lack in Skull and Bones is ground combat. Technically you can board other ships and have your crew fight against theirs but there is no option to have adventures on land like you did in Assassin's Creed: Black Flag.

Furthermore, the game is looking for its market in the always-online service business model and the lack of these features puts it at a disadvantage when compared to Sea of Thieves.

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