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Singleplayer Outriders can be paused on some PCs

Published: 01:32, 06 April 2021
People Can Fly
Outriders - Jakub
Outriders - Jakub

Outriders has many qualities but also some issues, one of them being the inability to pause the game. Still, some players can do so, thanks to an unintentional workaround from Nvidia.

Outriders has been enjoying success thus far, and deservedly so, but one of the main flaws many pointed out is the forced always-online "feature". 

If you wish to team up and play with others, this is great but if you are just trying to get through the adventure on your own, there is no reason for the game to force you to be online, from a player's perspective at least. Singleplayer games have only been suffering from this type of implementation thus far and Outriders is no exception.

Players have been voicing their woes over the inability to play solo offline for various reasons, one of them being the fact that they can't pause the game. 

Thanks to Nvidia Ansel feature, this is not the case on all platforms. PC players who use Team Green's GPUs can press Alt+F2 (default keybind) in order to activate Ansel, which is basically a photo mode that works in all supported games. As such, it will pause all the action and effectively pause the game for you.

You can do so in singleplayer sessions only though since activating Ansel while teamed up will not pause everything for everyone - the action will be going on but you can still take images.

PC players using AMD cards unfortunately can't utilise this feature and the same goes for all the consoles. 

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