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Outriders pre-load and launch times revealed

Published: 16:06, 25 March 2021
Updated: 16:56, 30 March 2021
Outriders - Lowering the party's IQ
Outriders - Lowering the party's IQ

Square Enix and People Can Fly posted Outriders launch and pre-load times for all the eligible platforms and some will get to play a few hours before April 1, 2021.

Outriders launch times by platform


Outriders will roll out on consoles at midnight of April 1, 2021. This means at 00:00 AM on the night of March 31 ending and April beginning. Since some countries have multiple time zones in them, some parts will get the game in later hours of March 31. For example, the USA's west coast will be able to play at 9:00 PM PDT as the launch will begin at EDT midnight.

PC and Stadia

Outriders will launch at the same time globally for PC and Stadia, at 5:00 PM BST/ 4:00 PM GMT / 9:00 AM PDT on April 1. If your time zone is not on the list and you don't want to be bothered by converting, there is a countdown to Outriders launch that is correct for all parts of the world.

Outriders pre-load times

  • Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S - Already live
  • PlayStation 4/5 - Pre-loads start 48 hours before launch
  • Steam - Live as of March 30
  • Epic Games Store - Nope. No pre-loads here, the store doesn't support them

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