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Outriders demo patch fixes disappearing loot

Published: 19:32, 22 March 2021
People Can Fly

People Can Fly posted an update on the state of things in Outriders two weeks before launch, where they brought some good news for the loot farmers.

Outriders demo has probably been one of the best experiences that don't involve a full game in recent history and players just went all out on farming Legendary weapons, through chest running or just killing a Captain over and over again.

All that hype and goodness came to an abrupt end for some players, however, due to the bug that caused their inventories to be wiped. This was especially painful for those who managed to farm up a proper armoury of Legendaries.

Two weeks ahead of Outriders release, People Can Fly announced that the problem should now be eliminated from the demo and everyone can keep farming to their heart's content. 

Better yet, those who lost Legendaries they farmed up will have the opportunity to get them back as People Can Fly will do account restorations in the future. Not much was announced about this initiative, except that it will happen and that Legendary weapons are the only subject for restoration.

Unfortunately, the blue and purple items you may have lost will be gone for good but at least all those hours of farming the quirky weapons will not be for nought. 

Keep in mind that salvaging the weapons will leave their perks in your crafting inventory so when you want to alter another Legendary at some point down the road, you will have the perks ready to be applied.

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