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Outriders to give out free Legendary weapon and materials as player appreciation

Published: 16:37, 08 April 2021
People Can Fly
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People Can Fly announced that players who jumped in early into Outriders, as well as those who ran into inventory issues, will get an appreciation package in the future.

Enoch may be heartless in attempts to eradicate everyone on it but PFC certainly appreciates the players who bought Outriders early and attempted to deal with the planet's anomalous tantrums.

The appreciation will manifest in the form of a loot package that will be automatically given out to the early adopters and the players who were affected by an inventory wipe. It will contain a Legendary weapon that is scaled up to the highest-level character on the account along with a box of Titanium and an emote. 

Just like the weapon, the exact amount of the material gained from the package will depend on the highest level character found on the account.

Frustration may have been the name of the game during the opening weekend, owing to the connection problems and the devs saw it fitting that a themed emote will be given out to the players as compensation. No other source of obtaining the emote currently exists in Outriders.

There are two groups of players that will be eligible for the appreciation packages:

  • Those who played between March 31 and April 11, based on UTC time zones
  • Anyone who gets affected by loot wipe and subsequent restoration, even outside the aforementioned time window

All of this sounds great but it may not be final as PFC noted some of the details may be subject to change , depending on technical limitations. Still, it's their intention to send these out to eligible players so chances are high many Outriders will be enjoying another Legendary in their inventories.

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