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Outriders will have DirectX 12 support at launch

Published: 01:45, 23 March 2021
People Can Fly

People Can Fly took a chance to reply to some of the fans and cast their worries away. It is through one of these exchanges they spoke more about Outriders' DX12 support.

Outriders demo is running on DX11 by default, which is not optimal for today's standards. Generally, DX12 support means better performance for the games that support it and given the stuttering some players encountered in the demo, this was identified as one of the sources of FPS drops by the player base.

Thankfully, DX11 will not be forced in the full release of Outriders since People Can Fly announced that DX12 will be the first option. One of the fans asked the team to elaborate on the matter and PFC noted that while you can force Outriders demo to use DX12, it was not implemented fully, which is one of the reasons why performance drops are so noticeable.

Outrders' full release will, however, have proper implementation and DX12 will be the default, which should hopefully eliminate stuttering and FPS drops in some cases.

That said, our own experience with the demo wasn't that bad when it comes to frame rates since the game ran fine when it mattered the most - during combat. 

It is the town that caused some FPS issues but considering PFC's devotion to updating the demo alone speaks volumes of how the full product will be treated.

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