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Outriders' latest trailer properly introduces you to the full game

Published: 20:27, 18 March 2021
People Can Fly
Outriders - Rift Town
Outriders - Rift Town

People Can Fly have pretty much-done everything possible to let gamers make an informed decision about purchasing Outriders and it has now been crowned by the latest trailer.

Outriders devs have been transparent about the game thus far, providing a ton of information to the gamers interested in buying their product and if the demo on top of the deep dives wasn't enough, PFC released another trailer that encompasses pretty much everything that was shown so far.

The trailer explains the lore of the game, how the survivors left the doomed Earth to find a new place to live on Enoch and how this planet fired back before the silly humans could pull the same stunt they did with their former planet.

Furthermore, the video glances over the abilities we will command on the journey to grabbing all the loot on Enoch, including brief overview of each class' role, some of their abilities and a quick look at what the robust talent tree looks like. One important part that the devs previously mentioned and the trailer reiterated - players are free to respec as they see fit but it will take some experimentation and knowledge in order to create the build that properly fits them.

Besides the things we've already seen, This is Outriders video offers brief glimpses at the world beyond the trenches humans made to fight each other in.

Various biomes are shown along with the flora and fauna that were the product of accelerated evolution. In case anything grabs your fancy, you can look forward to Outriders' release date, which is April 1, 2021.

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