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Outriders future patch to do away with AFK matchmaking and more

Published: 16:45, 23 September 2021
People Can Fly
Outriders - Character customisation is highly likely to deliver a look you are fond of
Outriders - Character customisation is highly likely to deliver a look you are fond of

People Can Fly are currently testing a new update that is set to hit Outriders' live servers soon. The devs have shared a list of patch news, known issues and more.

Outriders Community Manager just shared a lengthy post on Reddit, detailing, in essence, the upcoming patch and the issues known to be plaguing the game so far. The latest patch is still gooey in the middle and has just begun its first-party submission cycle, however, some highlights of the imminent fixes and tweaks have been shared with the masses.

Fans of People Can Fly's shooter will do well to note that the following highlights may not be ready for their closeup in time for the upcoming patch, but will make an appearance in a future batch of hotfixes. The final patch will come with more fixes and improvements.

Outriders patch news highlights

The devs have taken the time and further improved the visibility of the Brood Mothers Surge AOE skill limits, and seized the opportunity to also take care of the annoying stutters when you're trying to engage Crawlers during Expeditions. While on the topic, stutters have also been dealt with when accessing the drained lake during the third enemy encounter in the Scorched Lands expedition.

Tricksters' Borrowed Time skill will no longer cause fallouts among close friends after it fails to revive the Trickster themself as well as their companions. 

Outriders of the even more distant future will be able to pick up Journal Entries while playing their secondary characters after they've already done so on an alternative character.


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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Outriders is coming to Game Pass day-one

Friends lists now feature an "AFK" status option and AFK matchmaking should become a thing of the past when the devs resolve the issue that forces matchmaking privacy settings to default to "Open". The latches on the "Closed" privacy setting have been changed and the setting will remain so once set.

Devastator's Impale will work properly and display the impaled foes before they vanish into the mists. The Devastator's "Reflect Bullets" skill now also works against Sciathan projectile attacks.

These fixes, along with various bug fixes and general improvements, are on their way to Outriders.

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