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Outriders grind to see major changes in future update

Published: 08:57, 20 June 2021
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Outriders - Prologue
Outriders - Prologue

Outriders players have been in a tough spot with Legendary grind for a while and a future patch should make things a bit better for them.

Legendary gear is one of the main appeals Outriders has and the fact that players had to sink hundreds of hours into the game in order to get certain pieces was the main deterrent so many didn't even bother while others were extremely frustrated.

These woes should be eased up in the future. 

First, the drop rate of all Legendaries will be doubled which should already be significant but there are other quality of life upgrades that should make players happier. 

Level brackets will be removed, meaning that all Legendaries will drop at all levels - there will not be any such restrictions for any loot like that. 

Furthermore, Legendary duplication system will be implemented. While it won't guarantee a unique drop every time, the game will reduce the chance of getting the same item you have in your inventory by providing an additional roll. This means each subsequent Legendary drop will be automatically re-rolled once so there is still a chance you will get the same stuff but there are additional chances of getting new things. That said, it looks like this system will be less efficient the more Legendaries you have in your inventory.

People Can Fly Outriders Outriders

Finally, all the scripted bosses in the game will have an expanded Legendary loot pool as they will drop everything except class-based helmets. With the improved luck system , players should no longer go long periods of time without a drop.

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