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Silent Hill rumours are credible, reliable source claims

Published: 18:48, 22 October 2020
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Silent Hill

According to Kinda Funny Games podcast host Imran Khan, Silent Hill rumours are indeed true and the team is currently working on the game, which may not be titled Silent Hill, though.

Rumours about a new Silent Hill game just won't go away. Industry insiders Katharsis and Dusk Golem previously revealed that the game is indeed in development exclusively for PlayStation 5 and could be coming in 2021.

Apparently, it is a soft reboot of the franchise that has been in development for almost two years now. And while these rumours have been floating around the gaming forums and social media for quite some time, Sony and Konami are yet to officially announce such project.

Konami even responded to rumours by saying that there is no Silent Hill game in development but according to the latest info from reliable Imran Khan, Konami's statement may not be true after all.

In the latest episode of Kinda Funny Games podcast, Khan stated that Silent Hill rumours are credible but he is not sure if the game will be titled Silent Hill.

"I think the rumours are credible and I know that those people are working on something, the people who are rumoured to be involved with Silent Hill are working on something. I don't know for a fact that it's Silent Hill," Khan said.

screenshot showing a man running screenshot showing a man running Silent Hill 1999

As always with rumours, unconfirmed reports and leaks, take this with a grain of salt until we finally get something from Sony or Konami.

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