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Rumour: Sony attempted to rekindle Kojima - Konami love in hopes of a new Silent Hill game

Published: 17:44, 01 December 2020
Silent Hills artwork showing a man walking in a misty night
Silent Hills artwork

According to the latest reports, Sony were seeking to re-establish the relationship between Hideo Kojima and Konami in order to bring the popular horror series Silent Hill back to life, but sadly, the deal fell through.

Several industry insiders have confirmed the existence of a new Silent Hill project, which is being developed exclusively for PlayStation 5. However, we are yet to get an official announcement but that could change at the upcoming The Game Awards show, which is usually the place for big reveals.

Anyway, as we wait for the show, some brand new details regarding this new Silent Hill game have emerged. Rely on Horror website commented on a recent rumour which suggested that Hideo Kojima is working on the new Silent Hill. They say that Sony indeed have approached the director and tried to build the relationship between him and Konami but sadly, the deal fell through. Here's the interesting bit from Rely on Horror's latest piece :

"We had heard that at one point Sony was seeking to re-establish a connection between Kojima and Konami in order to bring Silent Hills back to life, but that the deal fell through (or rather, never went farther than a conversation or two)."

screenshot showing a man running screenshot showing a man running Silent Hill 1999

To be fair, this does not sound surprising at all since Hideo Kojima denied any involvement with the franchise since the left Konami. Is it possible that Sony somehow managed to get him on board for another Silent Hill? Well, yes it is but it's highly unlikely. 

The rumour comes from YouTuber Moore's Law is Dead who has been wrong many times but it's worth mentioning that his God of War: Ragnarok leak was accurate. So yeah, hit and miss so you better take everything with a grain of salt.

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