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Shadows of Rose will be the longest Resident Evil DLC to date

Published: 09:40, 22 September 2022
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Shadow of Rose DLC will tell a short story of Rose but after that, it's a wrap for Ethan and his family in Resident Evil

Capcom have confirmed that the upcoming Shadows of Rose DLC for Resident Evil Village is the longest Resident Evil DLC piece to date, clocking at around four hours. 

Capcom's critically acclaimed survival horror Resident Evil Village is soon getting a brand new story DLC named Shadows of Rose, with new locations, monsters and gameplay features. As the name suggests Shadows of Rose is set 16 years after Resident Evil Village and follows Rose Winters, Ethan's and Mia's daughter, who seems to return to the village and Castle Dimitrescu.

Capcom confirmed that Shadows of Rose is the longest (and probably the biggest) story DLC ever in the Resident Evil series . It is expected to be around four hours in length but depending on your playthrough, it may take even longer to complete. 

The DLC will apparently be much harder to survive than most Resident Evil games since Rose plays more defensively than any other protagonist in the Resident Evil series. Not surprising, given that she is just a teen.

The publisher also reveal that Shadows of Rose will wrap up the Winters family story arc. The Winters family will no longer appear in the popular survival horror series moving forward as Capcom plan to focus on other characters in future Resident Evil games. 

Though Capcom did clarify that they might be open for Rose to return to the series someday, however, there are certainly no such plans for the upcoming games.

As for the theme, Director Kento Kinoshita wanted to emphasize the gothic horror and dark fantasy theme of the original in the DLC. The team describe Shadows of Rose as "a psychological horror" meets "a dark fairytale" mixed with "a nightmarish fever dream". Crazy!

Capcom Resident Evil Village screenshot showing castle in distance and a gate Resident Evil Village was one of the best horror games we've played over the last couple of years so Shadows of Rose certainly excites us!

All in all, plenty of good news, and not so good for the fans of the Winters family. It seems that Capcom are going all-in for the DLC, which really got us excited to experience this story.

Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose DLC is part of the Winters' Expansion pack that launches on October 28, 2022, and also includes The Mercenaries and Third Person mode.


Thanks, Dusk Golem.

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