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Shadow Warrior 3 gets a delay and a trailer for it

Published: 22:36, 26 October 2021
Flying Wild Hog
Shadow Warrior 3
Shadow Warrior 3

Flying Wild Hog announced what could be disappointing news for some Shadow Warrior fans but they did it in a cheerful and funny manner to dampen the blow.

You don't hear about a game getting delayed and then watch a trailer about it every day but that's exactly what the devs did with Shadow Warrior 3

While the joke's originality might be the first thing to grip you, it is worth noting they kept in the character of the series as this type of humour is completely on-brand for Lo Wang and company. After all, emotional farewells are seldom accompanied by requests for fewer dick jokes but that's exactly what Shadow Warrior did already.

Anyway, the delay will mean that Shadow Warrior 3 will not release in 2021 and will instead target some point in 2022 as the release window. Flying Wild Hog didn't specify whether the release window is in early 2022 but they did say they will let the fans know as soon as the team itself comes to a consensus. The trailer cuts off rather quickly and FWH don't elaborate further.

Fans currently seem to hope that the game will return closer to the 2013 title, with a focus on action gameplay with a few light RPG progression elements, as opposed to the looter shooter and tiered gear from the sequel.

Whatever turns out to be the case will be visible in 2022 when we finally get more Wang.

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