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Sersi and Ikaris arrive in Marvel Contest of Champions

Published: 19:52, 11 November 2021
Marvel Contest of Champions - Sersi
Marvel Contest of Champions - Sersi

Eternals the movie is now available in cinemas worldwide and Marvel Contest of Champions just announced that Sersi and Ikaris are joining the heroic lineup.

Sersi and Ikaris are joining the Marvel Contest of Champions' roster. Both characters are Eternals, tasked with protecting humanity from the Deviant threat.

Sersi in Marvel Contest of Champions

Sersi joins the mobile game in a tank-like Cosmic brawler capacity, capable of dealing large burst damage from both long and close range. She can withstand significant amounts of damage directed her way with her Glancing Buff. 

The enemies' Armor and Resistances will matter little to those playing as the new Eternal as her True Damage ability makes quick work bypassing both and going straight for the jugular. Even the opponents' Armor Ups can be used to Sersi's benefit, boosting her damage considerably during combat.

Sersi’s Special Attacks can be used from long range or close range. Charging the Heavy Attack will activate her Glancing Buff, and the Medium Attacks will generate the Transmutation Buffs. Spending the Transmutation will grant Sersi Fury and True Damage Buffs on top of unloading her Special Attacks for big damage.

Ikaris in Marvel Contest of Champions

Also an Eternal, Ikaris is armed with super-strength, flight, immortality, and cosmic energy powers. His deal is basically stacking the damage and amplifying his own abilities. Ikaris flaunts a bunch of buffs including Energize, Unblockable, Physical Resist, Armor, and Protection.


  • Punishing Power Manipulation Champions
  • Mega Spike Burst Special 3


  • Nullify Champions
  • Incinerate Immune Champions
  • High Energy Resistance Champions
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