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Introducing Bloomhalla - Brawlhalla's new yearly event

Published: 10:01, 28 April 2021
Blue Mammoth Games
Brawlhalla - Bloomhalla
Brawlhalla - Bloomhalla

Bloomhalla celebrates all things that have to do with the season of rebirth and new beginnings. The springtime revelry brings new legend skins, a fresh podium and avatars.

Brawlhalla is introducing Bloomhalla - a celebration of all things springtime, renewal, and pastel-coloured. The yearly event will launch with a batch of all-new seasonal items: the Perennial Brawler Title, new Skins, Colors, and more.

Bloomhalla Legend Skins

  • Elvenhollow Xull – Guardian of the Fangwild woods.
    • This not so gentle giant protects the Fangwild forests with his Boomin’ Bark Cannon and Spring Cleaning Axe.
  • Hwarang Jaeyun – The cold envies the flowers.
    • Jaeyun is ready for spring with his Blue Blossom Blade Sword and Flora Striker Greatsword. He’s now literally a flower knight.


  • Floral Bliss 2021
    • Featuring budding flowers, sunshine, and spring.
    • Sound and animated effects present and soothing.

Blue Mammoth Games Brawlhalla - Floral Bliss 2021 Brawlhalla - Floral Bliss 2021


  • Fluttering Monarch – A friendly pollinator enjoying a flower’s nectar.
    • Gathering some nectar for the new season.
    • A new animated Avatar.
  • Sleepy Seedling – Sweet dreams in the spring air.
    • Even plants need naps.
    • Purchasable with Gold.
  • Spring Songbird – The first tunes of spring.
    • Purchasable with Gold.

Blue Mammoth Games Brawlhalla - Elvenhollow Xull, Hwarang Jaeyun and Fluttering Monarch Brawlhalla - Elvenhollow Xull, Hwarang Jaeyun and Fluttering Monarch


  • Verdant Bloom
    • Celebrate springtime with these soft pastels.
    • Available for every Legend in exchange for some Gold.
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