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Senior Producer on Fable Reboot responds to downgrade rumours

Published: 11:51, 01 June 2022
Fable by Playground Games
Fable by Playground Games

"Scoping is a normal, necessary and healthy part of game development," says Fable reboot senior producer. 

Fable reboot is still a long way off which is why from time to time, certain rumours surface on social media, mentioning the development of the game in a negative light. Similar speculation happened this week when Twitter user Gaz revealed on XNC Podcast that his sources told him that Fable has been scaled down from its original scope due to engine issues. 

The info spread like wildfire over social media and gaming forums, painting the development of the game as troubled and Fable reboot as a smaller title than expected. 

Luckily, Fable developer has responded to these rumours , confirming that scoping is a normal and necessary part of the production. 

"I wanted to clear something up about scoping; it is a normal, necessary and healthy part of game development. I can guarantee that every single AAA game you've ever played will have gone through scoping regularly during development," Senior Producer on Fable tweeted.  

"It's intention is to make sure the team are focused under one clear vision and can get it made in the time they have without killing themselves. Games that haven't been scoped correctly often have delays and crunch, both we should be aiming to avoid whenever possible."

Xbox Fable screenshot showing a fairy and flower Fable

Hopefully, this clear statement will shut down the nonsense about the troubled development of Fable. Playground Games are one of Microsoft's most talented studios and we cannot wait to see their version of Fable.

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