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Bard's Tale 4 Second Sight patch adds respec and permadeath

Published: 16:50, 22 November 2018
picture showing a character from Bard's Tale 4
Bard's Tale 4

inXile Entertainment have released a new update for dungeon crawler Bard's Tale 4 dubbed Second Sight. The patch is live now and it brings some much-needed improvements like manual save and character respec along with various bug fixes.

Second Sight update for Bard's Tale 4 has been announced and it brings some much-requested features and fixes.

Some of the biggest changes include manual saving option dubbed Save Anywhere. Players will now be able to save the game at any moment which was not the case before.

Bard's Tale 4's save system was a major headache for players as they had to search for Luck Stones to save their game, which wouldn't be so bad if Bard's Tale 4 worked as intended and didn't freeze and crash at times. 

However, while the Save Anywhere is active, players will not be able to consume Luck Stones for bonus experience which is a small price to pay for the new feature.

Another long time coming update has arrived in the form of a Grid Move feature which will allow the players to use grid-based movement with free look enabled just like in the original Bard's Tale games. Grid Move is not finished yet and it's currently in beta, so expect some bugs along the way.

The option to turn off Auto-Ressurect has also been added for extra difficulty along with another feature for hardcore players - Permadeath.

The name says it all, you lose every save and all progress if the whole party gets wiped out, which means going back to the new game screen. To make things even harder, the developers have added a new Legendary difficulty which makes enemies tougher by 100 per cent over Normal mode. 

For those who love to play with different skills and builds, inXile Entertainment have included character respec option. Players can now use Mercenary Tokens to refund skill points.

inXile picture shwing combat in Bard's tale 4 Bard's Tale 4

Other improvements coming with the Second Sight patch include an added option for deactivating enemy reactions to stop them from taunting and chattering as well as the option for disabling waypoints, minimap, and enemies on the minimap. 

inXile Entertainment have also worked on some balance changes and bug fixing, you can check on that in the full patch notes.

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