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Sea of Thieves receives exploding skeletons in a limited event

Published: 07:19, 03 July 2018
Gunpowder kegs everywhere, with a bit of gold on the side
Sea of Thieves Gunpowder kegs everywhere!

Sea of Thieves received yet another update that adds Gunpowder Skeletons for a limited time. The newly added skeletons will explode when near the player and while they are busy combusting, players can enjoy various quality of life fixes.

The update for Sea of Thieves bring a new limited timed event called Gunpowder Skeletons. The update will feature skeletons carrying a keg filled with gunpowder ready to blow up anyone that challenges them to smithereens. While the event lasts the frequency of Gunpowder Skeletons spawning will be increased, which will lead to players finding the skeletons everywhere, from various islands to populated forts.

With the update developers will be introducing Legendary commendations which will focus on long term goals for players. During the Gunpowder Skeletons adventure players will be able to collect up to 150 doubloons by completing the commendation and net 50 more for finishing the Legendary commendation task.

One of the notable things implemented with this update is the ability to light gunpowder keg fuses. Gunpowder kegs will have a physical effect if detonated on a ship. The developers described it as a swaying/rocking motion.

New adventures will enable players to get a full level in a chosen trading company via letters of recommendation.

The update aims to bring some quality of life improvements to the game by tweaking things like Megalodon behaviour, skeleton accuracy, performance and fixing a variety of bugs. For full patch notes, visit the official from the creators.

Since the shaky launch in March, Sea of Thieves has been changing rapidly, as the new updates and events roll out more frequently.

Rare Island with a couple of barrels underneath the palm trees Sea of Thieves

The developers revealed that the game is scheduled to receive a major update sometime in September called Forsaken Shores which will expand the playable area. These will have the same difficulty like the ones already in the game, as the goal was to give players a new and fresh experience with visual differences between areas.

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