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Sea of Thieves fiery update The Seabound Soul arrives later this month

Published: 10:56, 15 November 2019
Sea of Thieves screenshot showing sea battle during night
Sea of Thieves - The Seabound Soul

Rare's swashbuckling adventure Sea of Thieves is getting another big update on 20 November 2019. Named The Seabound Soul, the update brings new Tall Tales and fiery action.

During Inside Xbox 2019 show last night, Microsoft and Rare have revealed a trailer for Sea of Thieves' next major update named The Seabound Soul. This update will introduce a brand new Tall Tales adventure and a lot of other content next week - 20 November 2019 - and it's free for all PC and Xbox One players.

It's safe to say that many players will certainly appreciate the addition since Sea of Thieves had a small content drought over the last few months. In the new Tall Tale story, players will join Captain Pendragon on his quest to uncover the mystery of the feared ship, the Ashen Dragon and reveal the secrets of a sinister new threat. The new content is teased in the trailer, which is filled with spooky locations and ghost ships.

 On top of this, The Seabound Soul update also brings a lot of heat with the introduction of fireballs. As seen in the trailer, this explosive ammo allows players to wreak havoc on their enemies' beloved vessels. You can also use these on your enemies as a new throwable. Load them into cannons or just throw them at enemies for a fiery reaction.

Just like previous updates, The Seabound Soul also brings new cosmetics to the Arena, Sea of Thieves' competitive PvP mode. The Arena will also get the new firebombs for all pyromaniacs out there.

Rare Animated character walking on a road that leads into a jungle Sea Of Thieves

All in all, The Seabound Soul looks like a nice, fresh batch of content to fire the things up in Rare's swashbuckling adventure.

Sea of Thieves is available on PC and Xbox One.

Sea of Thieves cosmetics for the Festival of the Damned event

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Sea of Thieves

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