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Sea of Thieves switching to Battle Pass and Season model

Published: 22:59, 02 December 2020
Sea of Thieves, Plunder Pass
Sea of Thieves, Plunder Pass

Rare have delivered what they claim is the final Sea of Thieves update in 2020, announcing that the swashbuckling adventure is switching to the Battle Pass model.

According to creative director Mike Chapman, Sea of Thieves is getting Seasons in January 2021. Each Season lasts about three months and begins with a specific piece of content that will complete the experience.

Seasons mean that Sea of Thieves is getting a progression system, which is the biggest progression change since the game launched. Players will be pumping their Renown by doing everything adventuring, exploration, combat, etc.

Those who opt for the Plunder Pass, Rare's premium tier option, which gives players access to rewards alongside some exclusives.

In addition, Rare will keep throwing in regular and featured live events during each Season, as well as hundreds of rewards to be won, patches, updates and the rest of the usual Sea of Thieves goodies.

"What's really exciting for us is that outside the trading company progression system that's already there, you can feel that sense of progress each time you play. So even if you don't finish the adventure, or finish your voyages, you still feel a tangible sense of progress in Sea of Thieves", he said. 

As promised, Season 1 of Sea of Thieves launches in January with a brand new Merchant Alliance experience, where Rare decided to send players on a detective search for a mysterious, lost shipwreck.

Sea of Thieves' next update is on December 9, 2020, and the dev stressed there's plenty to enjoy for the rest of the year.

Xbox Series X and S players have received the graphics improvements for Microsoft's shiny new hardware, more on which in the trailer.

Sea of Thieves, Rare's swashbuckling adventure

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