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Sci-fi shooter Boundary showcases RTX features

Published: 10:56, 16 January 2020
Updated: 10:57, 16 January 2020
Press Kit
Boundary screenshot showing a space station

Unique-looking sci-fi shooter named Boundary has showcased its RTX raytracing feature which should arrive sometime after the official launch. Ray tracing feature may support both AMD and Nvidia cards.

Boundary is a gorgeous-looking sci-fi shooter from Chinese developer Surgical Scalpels. You probably never heard about the game or its developers but many shooter fans are pretty excited about the title which is launching this year on PlayStation 4 and PC.

In previous gameplay demos, we got to see a lot of intense action as the main focus was on showcasing gunplay and the unique setting. Today, the developers decided to reveal that Boundary will have RTX ray tracing implemented sometime in post-launch updates.

Press Kit Boundary screenshot showing space combat Boundary

They showcased the possibilities of ray tracing in the latest RTX tech demo, which you can see below. As expected, Boundry looks even better with Nvidia RTX on with shiny new reflections and more natural lighting. Surgical Scalpels say that the goal is to provide the best possible in-game realism and visual perception in an environment where both lighting and surface reflections require different texture effects.

"Highlighting even the smallest detail as well as the subtle application of reflections and global illumination, the development team wanted to implement a sense of realism in the tech demo to draw the viewer into a believable world", said Frank Mingbo Li, Technical Director at Surgical Scalpels.

The devs will also work with Nvidia and AMD to implement ray tracing support to the game post-launch, Mingbo Li confirmed. 

Boundary will release on PlayStation 4 and PC but the release date is yet to be officially confirmed by the devs.

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