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Rumour: Injustice 3 out in May 2021, will feature Neo from The Matrix

Published: 12:31, 04 February 2020
artwork showing batman, neo from the matrix and injustice 3 logo
Injustice 3 apparently set for May 2021 release date

According to the latest rumour over at Reddit, Injustice 3 should release in May 2021 and will feature Neo from The Matrix, fully voiced by Keanu Reeves.

Not a lot has been said about the next Injustice game, which is not that surprising since Injustice 2 came out only three years ago. However, it is safe to assume that NetherRealm and Warner Bros are working on a new Injustice game for the next-generation consoles, which are coming during Holidays 2020.

Today, we have a leak that reveals several new details about the game's release date, story and characters. Before we dive into it, keep in mind that the leak comes from Reddit and it is been deleted since posting so you may want to take it with a grain of salt.

Injustice 3 is currently set to release in May 2021 and Warner Bros are apparently working on deals for Joaquin Phoenix's and Robert Pattinson's likeness for the Joker and the Batman, respectively. The leaker claims that Heath Ledger's estate once again declined the offer to make his likeness appear in the game.

Furthermore, Neo from the Matrix will be the first DLC character. He will be fully voiced by Keanu Reeves and available on day one to tie in with the release of Matrix 4 film.

The game will feature two story modes. One of them will continue the Injustice series story while the new one will focus on an alternate timeline of the Justice League.

Each character will have over 200 skins on launch and the game will focus heavily on gear, skins and cosmetic items overall. For example, players will be able to turn the Joker into a Red Lantern Corps member if they want.

As for the new characters, Penguin and Huntress will debut while Hawkgirl and Lex Luthor will make their return from the first game

The leaker apparently heard the info from a staff member and can confirm that Neo will be in the game "110 per cent" and that the deal for Joaquin Phoenix likeness is being worked on as these are things the leaker is closely attached to. 

Also, Keanu Reeves voice acting deal is "sealed, completely done deal."

Check out the leak .

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