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Rogue Company open beta kicks off, free to play for everyone

Published: 12:34, 02 October 2020
Hi-Rez Studios
Rogue Company
Rogue Company

Hi-Rez Studios officially launched open beta Rogue Company on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, letting everyone play it without requiring a Twitch Drop.

Rogue Company started the sort of closed beta during July 2020. It wasn't specifically invite based but rather obtained at random through watching Twitch streams that had drops enabled.

With open beta now live, everyone who is interested in the game can give it a shot, free of charge. While one might be thrown off by the Founder packs that cost money, keep in mind that these don't alter gameplay. Things in these packs are mostly cosmetic and the closest that comes to giving a player advantage over others is the fact that you also get a selection of Rogues unlocked with them.

Those who play without paying for the packs can simply farm the Rogues up with the in-game currency, which may actually be favourable to the player. By the time you get enough to unlock a new Rogue, you will have learned to play the previously available ones.

Even if you don't opt to main one of the default Rogues, it will come in handy to know how they work and what their weaknesses are when facing them on the opposing team.

With the open beta came a new Rogue, Dahlia, who will probably be able to adapt to situations better than any other. She boasts a long-range battle rifle and the fastest firing SMG in her loadout while also being able to inherit other Rogues' passives.

There is also a new map around and content keeps piling in Rogue Company.

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