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Rogue Company adds limited-time mode in latest update

Published: 17:53, 08 June 2021
Hi-Rez Studios
Rogue Company - Hot Rogue Summer
Rogue Company - Hot Rogue Summer

Hot Rogue Summer is here and Rogue Company has a new game mode for the players but it will go away after a while.

TDM fans who play Rogue Company will rejoice with the latest mode addition. Team Deathmatch will be joining for a while and it doesn't have any extreme differences from the mode encountered in other games. It will be played on Skirmish maps where two teams of four duke it out to get the most eliminations when the counter comes down to zero.

Otherwise, there will be a total of 12 minutes allotted for the teams to reach the elimination cap of 50 kills. Considering the way Rogue power increases in the game, everyone will need to access the shop from time to time. This will be possible whenever the player is eliminated so Rogues should make sure they bring the shopping list to the afterlife.

Earning money will be a risk/reward type of thing. Any eliminated enemies will drop $500 and if any player on the team picks it up, the entire team will get $500. Therefore, make sure you don't rush into an explosive along with three teammates just because you saw a cash pile on the floor - covering a runner might be a better idea.

Hi-Rez Studios Rogue Company - Sigrid Sigrid's sturdiness makes her a great cash runner

There is just one caveat to the LTM since players will need to be at least level five to enter the game mode.

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