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Robo Recall Story Details

Published: 11:07, 21 December 2016
Updated: 14:37, 09 February 2017
Robo Recall

Epic Games ventures into VR, with a lighter tone and some AI blasting action

The robots of Robo Recall, spent too much time on the internet, got corrupted, and are now rebelling against their human masters. No surprise there, cat videos will do that to a person, let alone a robot. released a video, talking about the story points of their Oculus driven VR game, and it's funny in a very light-hearted tongue in cheek kind of way.

The player is tasked with "recalling" these malfunctioning robots, Blade Runner style, which seem to be going bonkers by the hundreds. The game is set to arrive sometime in early 2017 and there is yet no mention of it being available on anything other than Oculus.

Robo Recall Robo Recall

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