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Roblox Mobile hits $2 billion in in-game spending

Published: 09:55, 22 October 2020
Roblox Corporation
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Bean counters at Sensor Tower Store Intelligence have revealed that the online game platform Roblox Mobile has reached an incredible $2 billion in in-game spending.

Much like the rest of the video game industry, Roblox Mobile got a significant boost in the revenue department, which is not surprising considering all the social isolation and school-is-out days. 

As you can see in the graph below, Roblox Mobile took seven months to generate $500 million, after which it shifted into overdrive. The game hit $1.5 billion in May 2020, after which it only took five months to generate another $500 and hit the $2 billion mark. 

"That means it’s taken a year for the title to generate $1 billion in gross revenue on mobile alone. A sharp rise in spending has coincided with the global COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, with the game’s best month ever coming in May 2020 when it accumulated nearly $113 million, a three-times increase year-over-year", Sensor Tower wrote. 

When it comes to the simulation genre, Roblox Mobile is an unequivocal revenue leader in the US, as the app generated upwards of $535 million between the first and third quarter of 2020. It came ahead of Playrix's Township, which made $119 million, and Vizor's Klondike Adventures, which made around $80 million. 

Interestingly enough, Mojang's Minecraft came in fourth place, while Jam City's Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery completes the top five for the aforementioned period. 

Sensor Tower Roblox Mobile revenue by Sensor Tower Roblox Mobile revenue by Sensor Tower

About 65 per cent of the revenue, i.e. $1.3 billion, has come from the US, which remains the most lucrative Roblox Mobile market, followed by the UK and Canada. As for the leading platform, Apple's App Store accounts for 73 per cent of total player spending. 

You can find the full report here .

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