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Riot confirms Grievous Wounds changes in League of Legends 2023

Published: 15:21, 16 December 2022
Riot Games
Grievous Wounds items in League of Legends
Grievous Wounds items in League of Legends

Riot Games' lead gameplay designer stated that they are working on changing the Grievous Wounds status effect. These changes will be live on League of Legends servers in early January.

Since the durability patch, League of Legends' general healing has creeped up to the point where everyone has a large health pool and a faster rate of health regeneration. Furthermore, Riot Games significantly nerfed Grievous Wounds in that patch.

Grievous Wounds is a status effect that reduces the player's capacity to heal and regenerate health. Furthermore, there are several ways for players to trigger this debuff. Some examples include the summoner's spell Ignite and items such as Mortal Reminder, Thornmail, and other items.

However, the League of Legends  durability change was intended for soft champions so that they don't take a single shot from an assassin. Riot did not foresee that champions with high life steal, like Aatrox, would dominate the game due to the buffs.

Riot Axes, League of Legends' Lead Champion Designer, stated on Reddit that the current Grievous Wounds system has several flaws. Furthermore, they indicated that they are not currently redesigning it extensively.

Riot Games intend to grant 40% Grievous Wounds to anti-heal components (Executioner's Calling, Bramble Vest, and Oblivion's Orb) from the start. These items currently grant a 25% anti-heal. Riot expects players to use the counters as needed with this adjustment.

Riot Games League of Legends Mortal Reminder item! League of Legends Mortal Reminder item!

Riot will also add further perks to the finished Grievous Wounds item. Riot, for example, announced that armor penetration would return to Mortal Reminder. 

Although these adjustments will not completely resolve all concerns related to healing, they have said that they are working on recovery changes for the future. Because of these healing items problems, Riot Games decided to make some changes to the healing systems and items.

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