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Reminder: Guild Wars 2 Icebrood Saga Episode 4 will be voiceless

Published: 00:55, 22 July 2020
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

Icebrood Saga Episode 4 will not be voiced for the time being but the release date hasn't been disrupted. Meanwhile, ArenaNet are already gearing for Halloween.

ArenaNet announced earlier that Icebrood Saga's Episode 3 wouldn't be voiced, which has come to pass, much like the episode itself. Things are heating up in the icy Shiverpeaks but all of that is being done in eerie silence, with the characters merely grunting instead of speaking their lines.

Unfortunately, the persistent threat of Covid-19 has prevented ArenaNet and associated voice actors from recording the lines of the characters who were supposed to say them in Episode 4 as well. Jormag Rising will still release on July 28, 2020, as planned but it will be silent, much like No Quarter.

Just like with Episode 3, there is a video of the voice acting talent bringing the sad news. One interesting takeaway is that Jocelyn Blue, who voiced Eir Stegalkin, is in the video.

This might spark a lot of speculation about Eir's potential return as a ghost but keep in mind that the actress is credited with a ton of other characters in the game, including some from the Icebrood Saga itself.

As the buildup for Episode 4 continues, ArenaNet are putting Halloween-themed cosmetics into the Gem Store but it remains to be seen why exactly.

They usually kick the festivities off in mid-October each year so it's possible that the current store lineup is not directly connected. On the bright side, all of these cosmetics are on discounts and if you are looking for some new Fashion Wars 2 content, there are the Wolfheart Sword and Shield skins .

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