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Redfall playtest images leaked along with map size, unique weapons and more

Published: 09:45, 11 September 2021
Redfall - the gang
Redfall - the gang

Redfall is an upcoming action-adventure game in development by Arkane Studios. The open-world title will see its heroes go up against vampires and zealots who worship them.

Bethesda's action-adventure game that pits you against vampires on a closed-off island town of Redfall was announced during the studio's E3 2021 showcase in June. Little and less has been shared about Redfall since then but a batch of screenshots did recently pop up across the internet, and the beast is pleased.

The person who leaked the images also shared a description of Redfall, although their summary bears some inconsistencies with the facts Bethesda officially shared with the rest of the class. 

Redfall is described as an open-world affair comparable to Borderlands and Breath of the Wild, with a map similar in size to those in Fallout 76 or Ghost of Tsushima. The primary missions will let the players see a large portion of the island but there will also be a bunch of side missions and boss fights comparable to the ones we've seen in the Borderlands games. More similarities with Gearbox' Borderlands: Redfall's gameplay loop, style and NPCs - they will dole out quests and such but won't partner up with you like in Left 4 Dead.

Redfall can be played solo or in co-op mode. According to the person who leaked the images, Redfall will have six playable characters to choose from. Each character has their unique set of skills: the sharpshooter has a raven that can act as a drone and scout ahead of the party, another character can cloak the group and add an additional layer of stealth and one of them can teleport.

Whether you choose the stealthy route or go in guns and additional supernatural powers blazing, just remember, the leaker mentions a mix of traditional weapons and some unique stuff such as a Stake Launcher. Highly effective when your prime target is a bunch of differently-powered vampires.

Redfall is slated for a mid-2022 release. The game will be available for Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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